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Wednesday, July 11 2012





Breaking barriers in the music industry



When i spoke with HeavyGrinder little did i expect the first statement out of her mouth to be, "Umm, i just crashed my car...and im on the way to Enterprise right now." 

Her giggling is contageous, (litterally she wont stop), and i couldnt help but laugh myself. I wanted to say, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" -but Bobbie (her real name) wouldnt be there until the following day, so it wouldnt have applied. She was heading there that weekend for the Electric Daisy Carnival, where she would be spinning 3-4pm at the Hard Rock Hotel Pool party, hosted by EDM Magazine. This is a pretty big deal in a DJ's career.


"Im probably going to lose my voice at EDC too", she says..upon hearing howing raspy my own voice was following the aftermath of the Movement Electronic Music Festival. We came to the consensus its just an unavoidable by-product of music festivals. "But hey, it happens, and its usually worth it". Its a sign youve had a good time, and it definetely doesnt stop Bobbie from wanting to travel more. Theres one stop she is looking forward to most. Take a guess-if you didnt say DETROIT! shame on you....


"Although im always looking forward to every show and im always excited, Im really looking forward to playing BLEU", she says with another giggle. (The giggling was just so adorable, i couldnt help but smile through the majority of the interview). As her debut in Detroit proper, this will be her first experience spinning in the home of Techno, and shes super stoked.


Besides being exciting to play our city, Bobbie has been keeping busy working on her own music. She has two releases coming out this summer. One is called SWAY for bugeyed records, which includes artists such as ZEDD and Lucky Date, and if you havent checked out this label, its worth a listen. The other is a compilation for Dim Mak records, founded by Steve Aoki- who happens to have a special meaning in Bobbies life. "He's my friend and my top influence," she says, "and i really look up to him and what he is doing."


When Bobbie first began her Music career her main influence was Derrick Carter. And before Derrick Carter, before her days of deejaying, before she even hit middle school-she had already realized her passion for EDM. Her draw to the genre actually began in early childhood. 

"When i first heard 'Children' by Robert Miles-i think it was in elementary school-yeah it was in elementary school-"wow! I just fell in love with the music", she says, emphatically. "Then i got into deejaying my sophomore year of high school. My friends little brother deejayed, and he got me started, and ive just never stopped." and she truly never stopped, getting further into the music and traveling the world throughout her teens. She began by spinning Drum & Bass & Hard House in 2001. Yes, Hard House may have fizzled out over the years but Drum & Bass hasnt.


"I love Drum & Bass, Im listening to it in the car right now!" But im a huge metal-head, and i even like country, she laughs. (i secretly throw up the metal horns at this moment as im the same way.) In fact, her DJ name, HEAVYGRINDER, is an homage to her favorite death metal band, Cannibal Corpse. 

The rest of her story isnt a fairy-tale climb to success , though. Darker moments filled much of the time that elapsed from her beginning moments to her current status. As a female DJ trying to emerge in a scene dominated by men, she encountered alot of difficulties. There was alot of critisism, alot of hating, and alot of nights spent at home crying.


At the time there were very few successful female deejays and it was tough to break through the barrier. Although she describes it as much easier for female deejays nowadays. Things werent so glamorous in the past. But Bobbie didnt let any of this set her back, she pushed for with her love for the music and never gave up. 

"It ws difficult until probably 2007. There was so much female DJ bashing, but thanks to my fans i stayed motivated. My fans kept me around, if it wasnt for them, i dont know what would have happenned." she says. A strong believer in the notion that music is a universal language, her music is always dedicated to those who backed her up. Bobbies fans mean everything to her and are the reason behind everything she does.


Her advice to aspiring female deejays is simple. "Stick with the love for the music, dont let the haters get to you" she says. "People will ALWAYS hate on you when your doing something right!". I couldnt have said it better myself. We all know sayings like "Haters gonna Hate" and "Haters maks us Famous", Bobbie is a true life example of someone who used that hate as fuel and rose above to be the strong, talented and successful artist she is today. Were happy she never gave up because her style and attitude are one of a kind. RDW