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Thursday, April 26 2012

Magda Kaminski 4/27 • Bleu
The multi-talented Polish singer, dancer and songwriter Magda Kaminski has been performing on stages in Canada, Detroit and Chicago since she was a little girl, so it's no wonder where she developed her big stage presence. After becoming a well-known name in the Polish community, she decided to win America over. And so far she's been incredibly successful in doing so, especially right here in Detroit–her song "This Is It" hit number one in just two weeks on our local radio station, 96.3 and was number one on the Radio Café for eight weeks in a row. Recently, her album Who I Am was released and became an instant hit because of her captivating style of electronic pop music. Because she's been so well-received by Detroiters, she's going to be making an appearance and performing at Bleu Detroit on Friday.



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