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Thursday, December 01 2011

Staying Power 

Bleu Detroit Celebrates 10 Years

by Treasure Groh


New businesses are sprouting like wildflowers throughout the concrete jungle of Detroit. The momentum of Millenials, green-thumbed entrepreneur's and social reformists are pushing the city forward and into, what we hope will be, a bright future. Mitch Jaworski, one of the original owners of Bleu Room Experience back in 2000, left the business in '08. In 2009, he was able to gain the club back and put in some major work with fiance Aureilia Cory to renovate the club and make it a premium venue for nightlife entertainment, as well as contribute to the momentum of city life as we know it today.

"Detroit was really advantageous because they were really, really helpful with us as far as permits and inspections and everything," says Jaworski.

"We had put in some of the actual bars inside of the facility on a round. We built a VIP bar upstairs. We completely gutted the entire facility and rebuilt everything from the risers. We used fabric to make the place feel cozy and warm and inviting, a lot of stone accents and a lot of lighting," says Cory of the many renovations that took place. The fruit of their labor was a more mature, upscale version of what existed before. Now simply dubbed Bleu Detroit, the club was set on a path to, once again, become the "it" destination on any given weekend.

Bleu Detroit officially reopened on September 1, 2010 and is still going strong. Working with local talent agents, Jaworski and Cory are able to bring the best of the best into their club, making sure to not only bring in a performer who is musically sound, but who also has a good fanbase.

"We like to work with DJs who have a big draw; they're very customer oriented," says Cory.

And the customer-oriented nature of their performers is an insight into how Jaworski and Cory run their business. They put in roughly 70 hours of work each week just to be open for eight hours on the weekend. Pair that with the fact that they have some of the best staff members around and you've got the complete package. Jaworski and Cory know that making Bleu a success is a group effort. "We're thankful for our very wonderful staff and customers, our booking agents and product reps," says Jaworski.

Thanks for the staff as a whole for their hard work, Bleu is celebrating a decade. And at the rate their going, we'll be looking forward to many more anniversaries to come. | RDW