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Bleu specializes in providing VIP treatment and is committed to servicing groups of all sizes. We offer booth rentals in one of our 17 lavishly appointed VIP seating areas, ranging in capacity to accommodate parties of 6-30 people. For more information or to make a booth rental reservation please click the “Booth Rentals” tab above.

Our spacious venue is also available for a wide variety of private event bookings, accommodating groups of any size, ranging from 50 to 750 people. For more information or to make a private event booking inquiry please click the “Private Events” tab above. A full menu and price list of our available top-shelf liquor varieties and premium champagnes and wines can be viewed by clicking the “Bottle Service” tab above.

The staff at Bleu is dedicated to customer service and will handle each reservation with the utmost professionalism and accommodate any request made, within reason.

To view photos of the newly remodeled Bleu, click here.

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